Formed in 2001 by Robert Miller, MILLER is a privately held real estate development and investment firm. Our focus is on crafting and executing innovative solutions for multi-family and commercial real estate properties including retail, industrial and educational establishments. It’s important to us to be thoughtful and solution-oriented. We’ve successfully anticipated market trends and kept our focus on the metropolitan Washington DC area, which has allowed us to gain extensive knowledge and build valuable relationships.


We’re committed to creating lasting value for our properties and the communities we help build. Our approach always begins with careful consideration of the best use for a given project. From initial concept to project completion, our development process ensures the highest level of quality design and construction. Our commitment to value has resulted in a wide range of new construction and rehabilitation projects that have strengthened communities aesthetically, socially and economically.


We draw on our deep understanding of local markets, undivided attention to project details, and experienced application of real estate and project management to achieve our investment objectives. We maintain our focus on providing responsible returns. We ensure that our work to identify and execute the right opportunities is balanced by our commitment to mitigate risks and adjust to changing market conditions. Our investments are primarily focused on developing or acquiring assets with significant opportunity for adding value. These assets have included multifamily, retail, commercial, educational, institutional, self-storage and industrial real estate. We value not just the investment in property, but the greater investment in our communities.